Rhythm and Blues at it’s highest point

No mistaking the Blues Chopper at heart. Excels at music when the room gets jumpin. Loves to engage the audience with a guitar riff from nowhere. Hear the sounds of : Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Alvin Lee, Steve Perry, Leslie West, Robert Plant and Jimi Hendrix to name a few. Loves Cream and Sabbath and Ozzy. Got that ol Southern flavor too – Lyrnyrd Sknyryd and ZZ Top. Follow Hound Dogg Mike and have a Saintly Wicked time at the show !

Greg the Bass Man

Plays with passion. Scales the beats with emotion.

Follow the tune and engage.

William & John

Joined Saintly Wicked for different reasons. William and Mike (Guitarist) hooked up first – realizing each others talents. It was a no brainer to do something special. Carol Ruthers – — Williams girl was inspirational to our playing and setting up the band. Carol kept the snake and duck at bay while me and William kicked up the jams in their living space. Great moments to remember.

Charly Galada – Ultimate Frontman / Vocalist

A vocalist is alot of things to a rock band. Charly brings it on with passion, soul and live kickin in your face vocals. One of a kind. The Art of Showmanship and Class !