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Welcome fellow FANS of Rock n Roll !

Saintly Wicked – Formed in 2019 by Michael T Messina ,

This band will go on to be a testament to Rock Guitar Legends too numorous to mention in one article.

Michael’s love for music has evolved from the tender age of 7 in a small rural community on Long Island, N.Y.

Michael started listening to Motown grooves by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. That’s when he knew his

love for contemporary music would be culminated from the Top 40 Radio Hits around 1965-1966. Whenever Michael

had the chance after school and homework, he would turn on the radio to sing along to Otis Redding’s hit “Sitting on the

Dock of the Bay” and Aretha Franklin’s hit “Fever”. Other hits includes – Donovons – “Mellow Yellow and Hurdy Gurdy Man”.

From there it was anything and everything from Wabc Radio “Cousin Brucy” . The Hits kept coming – Gladys Night and the Pips

sang – “Heard it through the Grapevine” and The new group Three Dog Night came out with “ONE” is the lonliest number. From

there it was non-stop train to Rock n Roll Paradise. Michael wanted to be either a keyboard player or violinist or Sax Player early on,

but could not convince his foster parents to buy a instrument. His foster mother purchased a plastic guitar with rubber bands on it

and thought this would discourage Michael from pursuing music. It wasn’t until Michael was forced to join the US Army by his

real father – Nick Robert Messina that his playing guitar came to fruition. Michael landed in Germany in 1973 in March. Life in the

barracks in Germany was a real drag he realized immediately. It was then, Michael realized he would have to undertake the life long

process of listening to music more closely and learning some Rock n Roll guitar standards. Luckily, Michael was in the barracks and

noticed a fellow soldier setting up his record player. He waited and was surprised to hear the Pink Floyd Money Album being played.

Also, by accident, he heard the guy that sleeps in the bed bunk under Michael playing a guitar one day. That guy was Bill Splichal from

CA. He was playing “Southern Man” by Neil Young and “Round About” by YES. Michael quickly watched and played the two songs

almost immediately with his soldier friends help ! That inspired Michael to go find a Guitar for himself to play. So the very first

paycheck, Michael went out in Germany and found a beautiful guitar made in Germany by a company called “FRAMUS”. It was a

red and orange color Acoustic guitar. Then Michael found out that the Army had a music facility with Amps and PA’s and Microphones

that the sodiers had access to. So whenever Michael had a opportunity, guess where he was ? Yes – the US ARMY Convalescence Service

Club ! Michael had to graduate from the US Military with Honorable Discharge in June 1975 – 3 yrs Active duty served. It wasn’t until

1976 that Michael could afford a $275 purple Kramer guitar with a tremolo system on it. In 1981, Michael formed his first band after

studying Black Sabbath’s first 5 albums. Michael opened up at the “Rising Sun” on Yonkers Ave. with his band “Sweet Leaf”. This was

probably the first “Black Sabbath” Tribute band. Michael even did “Into the Void” with the Drop D tuning to make it sound more

mysterious. Now every guitarist employs the Drop D tuning idea ! Michael had 100 people show up and the gig was broadcasted over

a popular radio station 2 days prior to the gig. A friend of Michael’s recorded the gig on a cheap hand audio recorder onto tape. We listened

to the tape after the show and the tape was given to Michael. Michael tried to use the tape to recruit a favorite guitar player to come and

start Michael’s new band which was going to breakout the Michael Schenker’s first album “Into the Arena” and Cry For the Nations etc. Only

the tape which was given to the new guitar player got played in this drummer’s car whom he was working with at the time and unfortunately

for Michael, the tape was stolen by another aspiring guitar player named Fast Eddy V. Michael ran into Fast Eddy V. one day in Sam Ash Music

Store in White Plains, NY and asked him what happened to that tape ? Fast Eddy V. stated; “He is saving it until Michael gets famous” so he

can cash in on it. Turns out, Michael ran into this Eddy V. again 10 yrs later in Sam Ash Music Store in White Plains, NY and found out that

Eddy V. retired as a White Plains P.D.O. and is undergoing cancer therapy. What a turn about huh ? Still no sign of the tape !

Other band members went their own way after that gig anyway going to pursue individual careers with their music. Michael went to work and

kept studying many styles of music to this day. He is now forming the band “Saintly Wicked” and will be covering mostly classical rock n roll

hits from 60’s to the present. Michael was lead guitarist in “Judas Rising” – A Judas Priest cover band in 2007. He did 4 shows with them and

decided to call it quits due to indifferences with fellow band mates. Michael is currently the “Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocalist” with Saintly

Wicked group. If you get a chance, treat yourself to some great music and Michael himself – A real joy to watch.